The final wave of supporters.

Close, but not close enough!. Thanks to those of you who attempted a final push - we got almost to £4000 but that would not have been enough to pay the team properly to work on the game and publish it. Here's a list of the last wave, thanks everyone!

abigailinthedel   Thanh Quan-Nicholls   Elena   Emily Fleuriot   david varela  Lillie Bellamy   Nicole Neo   Jean Leggett   Aaron San Filippo   Kathryn Vinclaire   Francesca Carletto-Leon   Coral Manton   Dan Course   Caroline Percy   Gozde Ozcan   Camille Aubry   Kenton O’Hara   Josephine Reid   Fran ZUCH   Jake Gaule   Clare McGinn   Paul Bradley   Anne Kotecha   Penny evans   Magda Faizov   Jackie Calderwood   Claudia Sárkány   joe blakeston    Zara Nanu   Clare Ashdown   Alexander Phillips   Pete cook   Rowan Shaw   Elizabeth Williams    Luke Emery   Marcus Lynch   Jade Fleuriot   Helen Farmer   Amy Lobé   Wendy March   alisonnorrington   Alex Hendrie   Christy Dena   steve martin    Emma Forsyth   Lizzie Darville   Ellie Richards   Jenny Foster   Carolyn Brina   Phil Gibby   Lisa Dicker   Ben Pitt   Peter Willington   David Goldblatt   Joyce Datiles   Ashley Gwinnell   Mira

Thank you to EVERYONE who pledged and sent me such lovely supportive messages and spread the word. Stay in touch! 

Thank you to our latest supporters. Only a week to go now!

Michael Ashdown   Tomas Rawlings   Sara Geyer   Sara Gwynn   Chriss Pickles   greenjellybrain   Tim Kindberg   Helen and Tim   Chris Speed   Michael McCarthy   Sarah Cox   Anna Cook   Maddy Davison   Sarah Kingswell   Cathy O'Callaghan   Stum   ec milner   Morris   Frances Strickland
Thank you all so much for the pledges and the shares. It means a lot x

Big Thanks to our week 2 supporters on the crowdfund campaign! Keep Sharing!

Hazel Grian   ajara i.pfannenschmidt   labfly   Christina Ross   Nils Hellberg   Eriol Fox   Eve and Paul   Charlotte   Clodagh Miskelly   Clare Baldwin   Steve Strong   Evelyn Mcdevlin   Mairead Preece   Liam Wickham   John Penny   Jane Cochran   Mandy Langfield   Daniel Buchan   Daisy Spiers   Stella   Douglas Corrigall   Iain MacDonald   Owen Davies    Thank you all!!

Big Thanks to our first wave of supporters from week 1 of the crowdfund campaign!

Harriet Fleuriot     Lukas Roper     Sam Ibbitson     Jason Raval      James Morwood     Matthew Cormack     Vanessa Clarke     Josh Smith     Sam Wintrip     Daniel Sharp     Wendy March     Viki Johnson     Ti and Jim Roebuck     Alex Hughes     Serrie     Stefan Kraft     Terri M      Lebus77     Hannah Wood     Laura Humpage     Jess Linington     Imwen Eke     Tessa Bide     Natalie Mikkelson & a handful of Anonymouses. Or is that Anonymice?