Oh well...


A very heartfelt Thank You for all the pledges and support on the Kissy Kissy! crowdfunder. You should have heard by now that I did not raise enough to hit the target, but I was so touched by people's generosity and the lovely messages.

I think my favourite quote was from @kibblesmith on twitter, who described Kissy Kissy! as “beautiful and insane”!

I will still be developing the game, just more slowly, so sign up for the newsletter to keep up with any news and I will email you some Kissy Kissy! colouring sheets.

In the meantime, don’t forget you can download Level 1 for free from itch.io to play on mac or pc. So have a play and send me your feedback.

Thanks again for all your support,



Last dash...

Hello everyone!

Today I was going to give up on hitting the £10,000 target on the crowdfund campaign for Kissy Kissy as it is a long long way to go. But then my eyes fell upon an old Jacky Fleming cartoon (see below) which spurred me to send out a whole load of messages to people I am connected with in myriad ways. I wish I had been brave enough to do that at the beginning, not the end, but there has been a whole lot of stuff happening in everyone's lives that seemed more important than my small game. 

So my "nothing to lose at the last minute emailing", as well as it being serendipitously a #PitchYaGame day on twitter, has resulted in a wonderfully supportive flurry of pledges and retweets.

It has been lovely to get such nice messages about Kissy Kissy Game and the ideas behind it, and who knows, somebody might find £7000 for me in the next 24 hours. After all, that's just a whole lot of £20 pledges, just need to spread it far and wide.

It could be one of your connections who has the deep pockets too, so please share the crowdfund as much as you can between now and tomorrow (Wednesday) lunchtime.



June 2020
I just launched a crowdfunder for Kissy Kissy! to debug what we have and create a version on Switch. Wish me luck & Take a look HERE
I thought I ought to get on with it as Kissy Kissy! is featured in the UKIE Games Showcase livestream and we are in very good company

May 2020
Well we are living in strange times. Instead of taking Kissy Kissy! to show to people at events I am attending events from home. Not sure the coffee is better.

Our next step is to make a longer version of Kissy Kissy! with lots of levels for Nintendo Switch, so I am busy planning a crowdfund campaign as well as pitching to funders. I am also part of a UKIE Game Showcase that is online on 3rd June. You can watch the video about us HERE.

Oh and some nice news for your children if they like colouring in:
Kissy Kissy! is in the UKIE colouring book - download it and see if you can spot Tiger & Bee in their den.


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